We're looking for hard-working, mature Sushi/prep cooks who are fun to work with, honest, trustworthy and able to be part of a killer team in a busy and exciting restaurant. We hire people who try to be the best at what they do, and it shows!  Queen Anne store is right across from the Space Needle and Chinatown store is across from I-90 exit. We serve many kinds of rolls as well as sushi flown in from Japan (every week!!). 

Please send us your resume (no phone calls please) if you have experience in restaurant environments similar to ours.

-Start with training, min+tips.
-bonus program.
-Generous employee discount and employee meal.

- Salary ($60000-/Yearly) Chef($15-$20/) Server($11.50-$15/)

- good people skills, and are hard workers
- Must be able to work busy nights, weekends and holidays at Queen Anne store but schedules are flexible.

- Must be able to work weekday's lunch time at Chinatown store but schedules are flexible.
- Japanese/English or other language fluency is a plus but not required
- If you have experience serving at a Japanese restaurant are PLUS. 
- Applicants Must have a Washington State food worker card and alcohol permit.

Available Job Type:
・Supervisor position available at Queen Anne store






-トレーニングからスタート min+tips.

-給料形態 : サラリー($60000-/Yearly) シェフ($15-$20/h) サーバー($11.50-$15/h)

- 一生懸命働く人歓迎。
- イベントやケータリングで忙しい日は、できるだけ働きに来てください。

- 連絡、相談、報告、大事です。ミーティングにも参加してくださいね。
- 英語力あまり問いません。笑顔でカバーしてください。

- 経験者歓迎しますが、お掃除好きな方、もっと優遇します。
- ワシントン州のFoodHandlerPermit必要です。
- サーバー希望の方は、ワシントン州のalcohol permit必要です。


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